what we do

We can bespoke our service to whatever you feel your needs are but broadly  we provide merchandising support – including sales & stock planning, performance analysis and future outlook – opportunities/issues. From this, a forward trading strategy and plans are agreed.

In the past, we have taken on specific project work with a contracted timescale for completion.

However, 80% of our business is about ongoing  support and  becoming part of a team in the forward retail journey! Consequently, we have been working with a majority of our clients for a number of years.

Typically our way of working on this role is as follows:


  1. A one off “ stick in the ground “ review
  • A review of historical performance to date- focussing on sales performance , stock levels and the forward position.
  • A focus on the retail detail including (for multi site retailers) a store by store review of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Giving financial visibility to the strengths, issues and opportunities for the business
  • Suggested forward sales and buying plans to drive increased sales and profit


  1. Ongoing Trading Reviews

Retail never stops so it’s vital to keep on top on the sales performance & actions agreed in initial review. Therefore we have regular trading updates with our clients so all recent sales trends & opportunities are captured.

These sessions can be monthly/ bi monthly/ quarterly , depending on requirements of the business

What do these reviews cover ?

They can be tailored accordingly but the standard format covers the following :

  • Sales performance for total business and classes – vs last year and agreed plans
  • For multi site retailers , a store by store review of sales, stocks and availability
  • Best sellers review – sales, stocks and potential
  • Slow sellers and long stocks
  • Key trends identified and forward opportunities
  • Review of financial open to buy position vs forward sales plan and current stocks and commitments
  • Suggested marketing/ promo opportunities resulting
  • List of key actions for coming time period